Future of the Breed

Future of the Breed If you explore the benefits of breeding Highland Cattle, you discover that they thrive on poor pasture, improve the grazing and benefit the environment.You will read studies from America and the UK that demonstrate that Highland Beef is much lower in fat and cholesterol content than other cattle breeds, so lean that you can compare it with chicken and fish! It soon becomes apparent that the potential Highlanders offer in today's quest for helping not only ourselves, but also our planet, to a healthier future is completely under estimated.




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Black Highland Cattle

Black Highland Cattle

This specialist group of Highland Cattle have been bred pure black for many generations.
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Highland Bull

Visitors to the Killochries Fold are very welcome, but by appointment only. Please email or phone us if you would like to arrange a visit.

Wildlife Conservation

Hen HarrierOne of our objectives at Killochries, is to provide a habitat for bird life, particularly protected birds, including black grouse.
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